The NBA has produced many talents, and every era produces different superstars. Over the years, there has been an endless flow of incredible players that have left their mark in the basketball universe and will never fade from memory. This top 5 list consists of players who have become household names due to their overall fame, skills, and talents.

5. Larry Bird

His greatness can be described in a couple of words, Celtic Pride. He indeed played with great pride and played the game with skill and intelligence. He ran the Boston system to perfection, and he became an excellent passer, an unparalleled shooter and also a great rebounder. His fame began in college where he and his great rival, Magic Johnson, started out as competitors. Their rivalry has been considered to be one of the most widely revered of all time. Larry earned championships with the Celtics, and also won many 3-point shoot-out contests thus making him one of the best pure shooters.

4. Shaquille O’Neal

He has been among the most versatile athletes to date. He can rap, act and definitely can dunk over anyone. His brute strength has made him a commanding presence and the most dominant center of this time. Since his inception into the NBA, he has been a brutal center that refuses to back down to any defender. Shaq has also won 4 championship rings, 1 with the Miami Heat and 3 of those with the Los Angeles Lakers.

3. Jerry West

His greatness during the 1960s can be attributed to his talent and skills inside the court. His steady play and prolific scoring has earned him the title of one of the greatest to ever to play. He would deliver every time during crunch time and is truly one of the best legends who ever graced the game.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

He played the game for a very long time and was able to achieve many different records. Some of his records have never been broken. He holds different rebounding and scoring records. His skyhook helped cement him as one of the best centers ever to play.

1. Michael Jordan

In his prime, he was the greatest player in the game. He revolutionized basketball and made the whole world love it. MJ’s greatness can only make anyone speechless. His Olympic gold medal, 6 NBA titles, slam dunk championship trophies, acrobatic shots and everything else says it all. Michael Jordan is one of the best players to ever grace the game.

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